The Birmingham Canal Navigations

A Collection of Photographs taken by Tony Clayton in the 1970's

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Wolverhampton Locks

Leaving Lock 21, Wolverhampton Flight, 1973.
The bottom lock on the flight

Wolverhampton Locks

Lock 20, Wolverhampton Flight, 1973.
The only one on the flight with a single bottom gate, as the lock was created long after the others, replacing part of the original very deep bottom lock.

Wolverhampton Locks

Ascending Lock 8, Wolverhampton Flight, 1975.

Wolverhampton Locks

The New Broad Street Bridge under construction, at the top of the Wolverhampton Flight, 1975.

Steel Works

Bilston Steelworks from Millfields Bridge, 1974
A truly awful image from a very small and very dark photograph taken by my father, but the only one I have showing the long demolished steelworks.

Netherton Aqueduct

On the Old Main Line approaching the aqueduct over the Netherton Tunnel Branch, 1974

Oldbury Junction

Oldbury Junction, 1972
The Titford Branch runs off to the right

Blakeley Hall Bridge

Blakeley Hall Bridge under M5, 1977.

Spon Lane Bottom Lock

Descending Spon Lane Bottom Lock, 1975.

Summit Tunnel

Approaching Summit Tunnel, 1977.


M5 viaduct and Stewart Aqueduct, 1973.

Spon Lane

Spon Lane Bridge, 1973.


Galton Bridge, 1973.
This view is no longer there thanks to the new tunnel, work on which was just starting


Galton Tunnel under construction, 1974.


A more distant view of Galton Tunnel, 1974.


Telford Aqueduct from the Main Line, 1973.

The Birmingham Canal Navigations

4 - Branches of the BCN <<-- : -->> 2 - The Northern BCN and the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal
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