The Newport Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal

A Collection of Photographs

Tony Clayton

This collection of pages shows pictures taken on the Newport Branch starting in the late 1970's, with others taken more recently. The great majority are images scanned from slides, and are available on application to me in far greater resolution.

When I lived in Wellington I could see the guillotine superstructures of Hadley Park and Turnip Locks on the Trench Arm of the Shrewsbury Canal from an upstairs window of our home near Wrekin College, where I taught between 1969 and 1978. Fairly early on during my time there I realised that parts of the local canals were disappearing rapidly. Bridges which were present one day had gone when I passed by a few weeks later. A particular case in point was Rodington Lift Bridge at the eastern end of Rodington Embankment, and Rodington Aqueduct itself.

Because of this I determined to make a photographic record of the canal, along with the Shrewsbury Canal, before it was too late.


1 - Norbury Junction

Lock 7

2 - Newport (Forton & Norbury) Flight

Forton Aqueduct

3 - Forton Aqueduct


4 - The Newport Area


5 - Preston-Upon-The-Weald-Moors


6 - Wappenshall Junction

Lubstree Wharf

7 - Humber Arm

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Slide Shows

I have given a number of slide shows to waterway societies in the past.

The two main titles I have used are 'Locks, Bridges and Tunnels' (a personal view of the many features to be found on both UK and overseas waterways), and 'The Shrewsbury and Newport Canals' (a look at the two waterways illustrated with both old and recent images, including many not shown here for copyright reasons).

Now living in Lincolnshire, I would be happy to talk to any organisation in the East Midlands, or even further afield.

If you wish to get in contact, feel free to mail me at mail me, taking the 'penny' out of this address and please include the word 'canal' in your subject line to avoid your email falling into my spamtrap!

Newport Branch
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